ES Edison Screw E27 Base Light Bulbs & Lamps

The Edison screw E27 bulb is 27mm in width and the most common size of screw base light bulb. This ES screw bulb base can be found on incandescents, halogens, CFLs, and LEDs. The ES base comes on different bulb shapes, including globe, GLS, reflector, and pygmy. The E27 bulb base is used in many overhead fixtures, reading, or floor lamps.

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42watt ES E27 Screw Cap Clear Equivalent To 55w 2 Pack


4.5watt Golfball LED ES E27 Screw Cap Clear Warm White Equivalent To 40watt Dimmable


4.5watt R63 Reflector LED ES E27 Screw Cap Warm White Equivalent To 60watt Dimmable