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S15The S15 cap is found on both ends of a double ended strip light and has a 15mm diameter. Mainly found in picture and shaving lights, these lamps are now available in a LED retrofit as the incandescent versions start to disappear.

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  1. 60watt 284mm Clear Striplight
  2. 30watt 221mm Opal Striplight
  3. 60watt 284mm Opal Striplight
  4. 30watt 284mm Opal Striplight
  5. 4watt 284mm LED Opal Strip Lamp Warm White Equivalent to 60watt
  6. 60watt 221mm Clear Striplight
  7. 2.5watt 221mm LED Opal Strip Lamp Warm White Equivalent to 30watt
  8. 5watt 221mm Long Opal Extra Warm White Equivalent to 30watt
  9. 60watt 221mm Opal Striplight
  10. 6watt 284mm LED Opal Strip lamp Warm White Equivalent To 40watt

Grid  List