Photographic & Projector Light Bulbs

We offer a range of high quality photographic and projector lamps commonly used in cine projectors, overhead projectors, microfilm machines, and for stage and disco lighting. These photographic & projector bulbs come in capsule and dichroic shapes, with Gy6.35, G6.35, GX5.3, GY9.5, and GZ6.35 base types.

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A1 Class Projector Lamps

Projector & Micrographic

A1 216 150watt 24volt G6.35 Cap FCS

£5.45 Reviews with

A1 271 100watt 12volt GZ6.35 Cap 64637

£13.45 Reviews with

A1 223 250watt 24volt G6.35 Cap EHJ

£4.34 Reviews with

A1 259 250watt 24volt GX5.3 Cap ELC

£11.21 Reviews with

A1 220 50watt 12volt G6.35 Cap HLX

£4.06 Reviews with

A1 215 100watt 12volt GY6.35 Cap FCR

£5.45 Reviews with

A1 231 100watt 12volt GZ6.35 Cap EFP

£10.56 Reviews with

A1 229 50watt 8volt GZ6.35 Cap EFM

£10.70 Reviews with

275watt 24volt G6.35 FNT

£8.10 Reviews with

A1 233 650watt 240volt GY9.5 Cap DYR

£15.54 Reviews with

A1 232 150watt 15volt GZ6.35 Cap EFR

£9.59 Reviews with

A1 239 400watt 36volt G6.35 Cap EVD

£9.96 Reviews with

A1 230 75watt 12volt GZ6.35 Cap EFN

£10.48 Reviews with