Halogen Light Bulbs & Lamps

Halogen bulbs provide a crisp, radiant light. Their excellent colour rendering makes them ideal for use in settings where colour accuracy is important, such as hospitals, galleries, museums, studios, and workshops. They come in a range of shapes, including GLS, candle, golfball, capsule, spotlight, and linear lamps. Halogen light bulbs are offered with base types including GU10, GU5.3, G4, G9, E27, B22, E14, & B15. If you can’t find the halogen lamps you need, or you would like advice on how to upgrade to a superior product, call our experienced and knowledgable sales team on 01869 362222.
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GLS Eco (22)

Candle Eco (20)

Golfball Eco (25)

GU10 - GZ10 (4)

G9 240v Capsules (12)

Double Ended (20)

Capsules (15)

Bell G9 Adaptors (1)

Tubular Halolux (1)

Halo-Spots (17)

Golfballs Coloured (11)

Reflectors Coloured (9)

Globes (1)

GLS Coloured (12)

Tubular Coloured (4)