Incandescent Light Bulbs & Lamps

Incandescent light bulbs—the original light source—are a popular option among those who love their effortlessly dimmable bright, warm, and welcoming light. Many incandescent bulbs have been phased out, but from pygmy to globe, GLS to candle, coloured to carbon filament, we have the largest stock of incandescent light bulbs in the UK. We have rough service options available for all your appliance needs. If you can’t find the incandescent light bulb you need or want assistance upgrading to a more energy efficient product, call our experienced and knowledgable sales team on 01869 362222.

Craftlight GLS (4)

Candle (35mm) (1)

Chandelier Candles (3)

Golfball (7)

Reflectors Coloured (33)

Par38 Reflector Coloured (3)

Par56 Reflector (3)

Pygmy (36)

Carbon Filaments (21)