Pygmy Light Bulbs

Incandescent pygmy bulbs, also called sign lamps, have a compact size perfect for display cabinets, side lamps, fridges, sewing machines and any other area or appliance that a small lamp is required. Available with B15, B22, E14, and E22 bases, we offer the widest selection ofpygmy light bulbs and coloured pygmy bulbs in the UK.
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BC/B22 Bayonet Cap Clear (3)

ES/E27 Screw Cap Clear (2)

SBC/B15 Small Bayonet Cap Clear (2)

SES/E14 Small Screw Cap Clear (5)

Coloured BC/B22 Bayonet Cap (7)

Coloured SBC/B15 Small Bayonet Cap (10)

Coloured SES/E14 Small Screw Cap (9)