Coloured Reflector Bulbs

Incandescent coloured reflector bulbs are lined with a reflective surface to create a wide beam angle, complete with various hues of glass. Types of coloured reflector lamps include R50, R63/R64, R80, and R95. These dimmable coloured spotlights come with E14, E27 and B22 bases, and are used for stage, decorative, reptile enclosure, or recessed lighting.
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Reflector R50 (SES/E14 Small Screw Cap) (10)

Reflector R64 (BC/B22 Bayonet Cap) (6)

Reflector R64 (ES/E27 Screw Cap) (9)

Reflector R80 (BC/B22 Bayonet Cap) (7)

Reflector R80 (ES/E27 Screw Cap) (9)