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Bright Ideas Blog

Looking for illuminating lighting ideas for your home or office? The Bright Ideas blog by The Lightbulb Co. is your resource for all things lighting, from making the switch to LED bulbs to home decor and lighting design inspiration! For more information on selecting and purchasing the right light bulb, read our light bulb buying guides and check out our helpful tools and resources.

how to light low ceilings
Bright Ideas

Ceilings are considered ‘low’ when they are under 8 feet (2.4 metres) because of how little vertical space you have to play with before light fixtures start becoming a hazard to taller residents and guests. Whether they are in your attic, your basement, or your entire home, low ceilings can mean making compromises when it comes to your lighting design. Improperly lit low ceilings can easily result in inadvertent, unflattering pools of high-contrast lighting. Inconsistent or overly bright lighting can also make it harder to see what you are doing, especially in areas such as basements and attics—rooms that are

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Bright Ideas

When it comes to lighting your home, every room has its own unique set of considerations, from fixture placement to bulb brightness and colour. Whether you’re simply looking for ways to improve your home lighting design or are creating a fresh lighting plan for a brand new home, our Room by Room Guide to Lighting your Home will help shed some light on common concerns, and help you craft a solution that works for you and your space.

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smart lighting
Bright Ideas

By now, you’ll likely have heard all about smart home products, though you may be baffled by what they do and how they work. Smart home products include a wide range of electronics designed to make your life more convenient, including things like smart light bulbs and thermostats you can control from your mobile. So what exactly is smart lighting, and how can you incorporate it into your “dumb” home? Let’s take a look. What is Smart Lighting? Smart light bulbs are light bulbs that can be connected to your WiFi or Bluetooth, and paired with an electronic device—typically your

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how to dim leds
Bright Ideas

You might be surprised to hear that LEDs and dimmable lighting are compatible, but it’s true—you can have energy efficient, adjustable low-level lighting with LEDs. LEDs simply work a little differently than incandescents, so they need some additional consideration to ensure they function properly. Let’s shine some light on how you can have the ambient lighting you want with LEDs. Dimming it Down Some LEDs will work with old dimmer switches, but they are more likely to encounter problems. This is because older switches are typically built using a type of dimming protocol called “mains dimming”, which was designed for

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design trend pendant lighting home
Bright Ideas

Pendant lighting isn’t so much a lighting design trend as it is an enduring classic. The shifting popularity of various colours and materials may change the overall style, but thanks to its easy-to-update nature, pendant lighting remains a useful and versatile source of illumination in many homes. Let’s take a look closer look: Fixtures The overall silhouette of a pendant lamp remains largely unchanged despite other updates in style, so if it’s just the pendant you’re unhappy with, it’s easy to upgrade your current lamp with a new shade or cover. 2018 styles embrace an updated vintage look for pendant

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