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Bright Ideas Blog

Looking for illuminating lighting ideas for your home or office? The Bright Ideas blog by The Lightbulb Co. is your resource for all things lighting, from making the switch to LED bulbs to home decor and lighting design inspiration! For more information on selecting and purchasing the right light bulb, read our light bulb buying guides and check out our helpful tools and resources.

weee directive waste electric electronic equpiment
Bright Ideas

As a resident of the UK, you are likely familiar with WEEE regulations, either by name, by the small symbols this legislation requires on all electrical and electronic equipment packaging, or by the changes it made to the requirements for the safe and proper disposal of electrical equipment. But you may still be wondering—what exactly is WEEE, and how does it impact you as a consumer? What is WEEE? WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. This includes: In other words: WEEE includes all electrical or electronic things that are destined to end up in the bin and, as

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are led lights safe dangers light pollution eye strain
Bright Ideas

LEDs have been on the forefront of lighting technology for some time now. As with all hot new products, there is bound to be some questions about how good they really are, their unexpected downsides, and eventually, negative press. While LEDs are more often than not praised for their energy efficiency, lately there has been some buzz about their reported drawbacks, such as: In this post, we’ll take a look at whether these claims have any credibility, whether or not LEDs actually are dangerous, and what can be done to mitigate any dangers LEDs might pose. 1. Headaches and other

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does your business need a lighting designer?
Bright Ideas

Electrical lighting has come a long way since its inception, and it is changing and innovating at a faster pace than ever before. Things have gotten a little more complicated than simply deciding between a 40 and 60 watt bulb—there’s a greater variety of products available and more information you need to know to find the right look to suit your needs, especially when it comes to lighting a business. As lighting technology has improved and increased its presence in our daily lives, so has the demand for lighting experts. While lighting may seem straightforward—install some fixtures or lamps, pop

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Bright Ideas

Under cabinet lighting is a great way to add ambience to your kitchen and enhance its working space. Countertops often double as work stations, especially in smaller kitchens, and ensuring that they are properly lit can mean less struggling to read recipes, fewer injuries, and better prepared food. Under cabinet lighting doesn’t have to be limited to your kitchen, though. It can be added to basements, workshops, laundry rooms, bathrooms, or anywhere you may have need of extra illumination under your cabinets. There are a variety of different fixture types that will work underneath your cabinets in any room you

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holiday lighting spotlight led rope lights
Bright Ideas

Its official astronomical start date may not be until December 21, but wintry weather is already upon us, and with it, the holiday season. The days may be at their shortest and darkest, but there are lots of festive ways to introduce more light into your home. If you’ve delayed decking the halls and facade of your home until now—delay no longer. There are several styles of energy-efficient holiday lighting you can use to illuminate both in- and outside of your house or flat in creative ways, including rope lights. Rope Lights Rope lights are a versatile lighting option that

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