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Bright Ideas Blog

Looking for illuminating lighting ideas for your home or office? The Bright Ideas blog by The Lightbulb Co. is your resource for all things lighting, from making the switch to LED bulbs to home decor and lighting design inspiration! For more information on selecting and purchasing the right light bulb, read our light bulb buying guides and check out our helpful tools and resources.

10 creative home lighting ideas led strips
Bright Ideas

Gone are the days of expensive and slow-to-warm-up cold white LED bulbs. The variety and selection of LEDs available today opens up a lot of creative options for illuminating your home. These highly efficient lamps now come in a wide range of colours, lumen levels, and shapes, including low-profile, flexible strips that are perfect for adding unique ambience to any space. LED strips are incredibly versatile and customizable, and they easily fit in all manner of places thanks to their adhesive backing or clips—as long as they are within reach of an electrical outlet and a surface they can attach

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office lighting ideas layering light commercial
Bright Ideas

When lighting an office, it’s really easy to get caught up on one facet and overlook the other vital aspects of good lighting design. With office lighting, it’s especially important to create balance between form and function. Your goal should be to create a space that is safe and comfortable to work in—ergonomics always should take priority over aesthetics—but that doesn’t mean you need to do away with decoration and style entirely. Instead, you can use the technique of layering light to incorporate both aspects into your office lighting plan. What is layering light? When lighting experts discuss layering light,

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can i use battery operated lights outdoors
Bright Ideas

Lightweight, requiring no complicated installation, and offering immediate illumination with the flip of a switch or press of a button, battery-operated lights are a quick and convenient way to add ambience or security lighting just about anywhere. They don’t require access to an electrical outlet and look wonderful in jars, along mantles, stair railings, and windows—but what about outdoors, where they’ll be exposed to less-than-ideal temperatures, inclement weather, and the occasional curious critter? The answer to whether you can use battery lights outdoors is a soft yes, with one important caveat: They have to be outdoor rated. If your battery-powered

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Bright Ideas

Lighting is considered an “atmospheric”, which means that it’s a design element that stores, restaurants, and other businesses can use to influence consumers, clients, and even employees. Knowing how atmospherics like lighting, scent, temperature, or music sway the feelings and actions of people is useful for both sides of the exchange—businesses can use it to entice, encourage, and influence mood and purchase behaviour, and consumers can be more aware of how they are being affected so they can evaluate their choices more carefully to avoid buyer’s remorse and the stress of dealing with returns. In this post, we’ll shine some

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introducing castello style led filament bulbs opus capsules
Bright Ideas

We are always working to bring you the latest advancements in energy efficient lighting, so we’re excited to announce the addition of two new lines of LED products to our online store: high-end Castello Style LED filament bulbs, and ultra-efficient OPUS LED capsules. Get to know our newest products: Castello Style LED Filament Bulbs Castello Style’s LED filament bulbs are not your average Edison bulb. These high-end lamps are known for creating a warm, elegant atmosphere without the carbon footprint of traditional incandescent filament bulbs. Featuring a high-quality build and exceptional finish, Castello Style bulbs were designed with bars, cafes,

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