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Bright Ideas Blog

Looking for illuminating lighting ideas for your home or office? The Bright Ideas blog by The Lightbulb Co. is your resource for all things lighting, from making the switch to LED bulbs to home decor and lighting design inspiration! For more information on selecting and purchasing the right light bulb, read our light bulb buying guides and check out our helpful tools and resources.

led edison bulbs vintage style energy efficiency
Bright Ideas

LED filament light bulbs, which are built to look like traditional carbon filament or Edison light bulbs, have captured the attention of many people seeking a unique and stylish look for their exposed bulb pendants and lamps. These replica bulbs offer the same classic look of a traditional filament bulb, but provide greater energy savings. How exactly do LED filament bulbs manage to recreate the look of an incandescent filament using a light emitting diode, and how does it work? First, we need to look at what exactly LEDs are. What are LEDs? Traditional incandescent bulbs create light by generating

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Thriving Indoor Plant in Sunlight
Bright Ideas

Whether you’re an autumn-lover or you’ve had a falling-out with fall, the days are getting shorter, which means it’s time to finish up your end-of-summer tasks and embrace the coming change of season. For some, this means putting away light linens and bringing out woollens and winter coats, for others this means getting out their S.A.D. lamps and starting up their waning-light routines, and for others still, this means putting their gardens to bed and maybe even setting up an indoor sanctuary for their beloved plants. For the serious gardener, there is often lots to do around the garden well

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colour rendering index
Bright Ideas

While you may not be familiar with the term “Colour Rendering Index”, or CRI for short, you are almost certainly aware of its effect—a light that gives off a too-green, -yellow, or -blue tone, making objects under its glow appear the wrong colour. Who hasn’t been a victim of this terrible lighting in public restrooms, shops, offices, and classrooms? Early fluorescents, CFLs, and LEDs are often the culprit thanks to low CRI scores, but thankfully these highly efficient lights have improved, and they can now render crisp, accurate colours. You just need to select a bulb with the right rating

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Bright Ideas

The kitchen is often the heart of a home. It’s not just where you come together to prepare and eat meals—it sometimes pulls double duty as a schoolwork station, or it can serve as a place to complete work projects or crafts. To accommodate all of these needs, your kitchen needs to have good, adaptable lighting. That means selecting the right lighting fixtures that both suit the space and provide the amount of light you need, where you need it. So, how do you choose the right kitchen light fixture(s)? Consider the kitchen When selecting a new lamp or lamps

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5 tips lighting small room space home decor interior design
Bright Ideas

Bulky fixtures, scarce outlets, and a lack of ceiling and wall fixtures can hinder good lighting in any space, but they can make things especially tricky in a small room. Lighting is key to making a small space seem bigger than it is, as well as for creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Shine some light into your cozy nooks, your vertically-challenged loft spaces, your tiny cubbyhole of a bed-, powder-, or living room with these tips: 1. Utilize low-profile wall and overhead fixtures In tight rooms, and especially those with low ceilings, limit your lamp selection to slim fixtures

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