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LED there be light! LEDs offer the same brightness and range of colour temperatures as traditional incandescent bulbs, but they last up to 50 times longer and use up to 90% less energy, making them the most efficient way to illuminate your home or business. Whether you’re thinking about making the switch to energy efficient lighting, are looking for ways to reduce energy costs, or want to upgrade your current lighting design, our newly updated Ultimate Guide to LED Lights will answer any of LED-related questions. Take a look: Sarah LevisonSarah is a long-time employee of the Lightbulb Company, with a

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ultimate guide led light bulbs
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Today’s most efficient way of illuminating and lighting is undoubtedly LED. When compared with older lighting technologies such as Incandescent, Halogen and CFL bulbs, you will find that LED is by far the most energy saving and smart solution.

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LED Lumens to Watts Conversion Chart - The Lightbulb Co. UK
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Lumens are the new unit of measurement for brightness in light bulbs. In the past, the strength of light bulbs was measured in watts, which is actually a measure of power. Consult our conversion chart to learn more about lumens.

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