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how the right lighting can save you money
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If you haven’t shopped for new light bulbs in a while, you might not be familiar with the advances that have been made in lighting technology and how they can benefit you – and your bottom line. On average, lighting accounts for 18% of household expenses, so finding the right lighting solution for your home or office can have a significant impact on your finances. Whether you’re replacing a blown bulb or upgrading to energy efficient lighting, there are a couple of things that you need to look for in a new bulb: Efficiency Lifespan Heat output There are also

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light bulb average rated lifetime hours
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Some bulbs last longer than others. In the light bulb industry, the lifespan of a bulb is referred to as “Average Rated Lifetime Hours” (ARL). Average rated lifetime hours indicate how long it takes for a certain percentage of light bulbs in a test batch to fail, and are measured and labelled using hours and an “L rating”. For example, if 100,000 bulbs were tested and 70,000 bulbs (70%) failed after 1,000 hours, this bulb would have an average rated life of 1,000 hours at L70. Here are a few more examples: Another important aspect to take into consideration is

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