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Energy Efficient Lighting for Businesses Guide

Whether you’re building a new business from scratch or are integrating energy efficient bulbs into your current lighting design, upgrading your lighting presents a great opportunity to incorporate other smart devices that might benefit your business. Some companies are reluctant to embrace this new technology because they’re not sure how to use it or how it will fit into their current systems, but smart devices offer a lot of advantages. Smart lighting is the most obvious smart technology that can help reduce energy bills, and it’s one of the easiest to install, but it’s not the only smart device that

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Bright Ideas

By now, you’ll likely have heard all about smart home products, though you may be baffled by what they do and how they work. Smart home products include a wide range of electronics designed to make your life more convenient, including things like smart light bulbs and thermostats you can control from your mobile. So what exactly is smart lighting, and how can you incorporate it into your “dumb” home? Let’s take a look. What is Smart Lighting? Smart light bulbs are light bulbs that can be connected to your WiFi or Bluetooth, and paired with an electronic device—typically your

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Ultimate LED Guide

Ongoing advances in technology and the digital nature of LEDs have opened up a whole new world of lighting possibilities, including: Let’s take a closer look at these advanced features. LiFi This technology was first demonstrated by Professor Harald Haas in 2011. Short for “Light Fidelity”, LiFi is similar to the WiFi you use to connect to the internet because it uses wireless communication to transmit data. Unlike WiFi, which uses radio waves to transmit data, LiFi uses visible light and a Visible Light Communications system. Here’s how it works: An LED light bulb with LiFi signal processing technology receives

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ultimate guide led lights
Bright IdeasLED LightingUltimate LED Guide

LED there be light! LEDs offer the same brightness and range of colour temperatures as traditional incandescent bulbs, but they last up to 50 times longer and use up to 90% less energy, making them the most efficient way to illuminate your home or business. Whether you’re thinking about making the switch to energy efficient lighting, are looking for ways to reduce energy costs, or want to upgrade your current lighting design, our newly updated Ultimate Guide to LED Lights will answer any of LED-related questions. Take a look: Sarah LevisonSarah is a long-time employee of the Lightbulb Company, with a

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