GE Lighting

Founded in 1897, GE lighting specialises in retail, industrial, medical, and street lighting. GE light bulbs are available as golf balls, candles, reflectors, sticks, GLS, capsules, and tubes. GE LED, halogen, fluorescent bulbs come with a variety of base types, including GR10Q, 2G11, E14, B22, G23, and E27. Dimmable options available.

GE Lighting

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A1 259 250watt 24volt GX5.3 Cap ELC

£11.21 Reviews with

A1 233 650watt 240volt GY9.5 Cap DYR

£15.54 Reviews with

1000watt 240volt GX16d Cap CP62 EXE

£27.42 Reviews with

A1 239 400watt 36volt G6.35 Cap EVD

£9.96 Reviews with