Disco, Stage, Studio & Theatre Light Bulbs

We offer a wide range of disco, studio, medical, and T-class theatre lamps. Our range of studio light bulbs and theatre light bulbs are commonly used in cine and overhead projectors, microfilm machines, and for stage and disco lighting. Dimmable options available with capsule, linear, and reflector shapes, and Gx6.35, GX16d, GX9.5, and GY9.5 base types.

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Studio Lamps

A1 Class Projector Lamps

A1 271 100watt 12volt GZ6.35 Cap 64637


300watt 240volt GX6.35 Cap CP97


A1 223 250watt 24volt G6.35 Cap EHJ


A1 216 150watt 24volt G6.35 Cap FCS


A1 259 250watt 24volt GX5.3 Cap ELC


A1 232 150watt 15volt GZ6.35 Cap EFR


A1 229 50watt 8volt GZ6.35 Cap EFM


A1 230 75watt 12volt GZ6.35 Cap EFN


A1 233 650watt 240volt GY9.5 Cap DYR


A1 239 400watt 36volt G6.35 Cap EVD