Carbon Filaments

We offer the widest selection of carbon filaments bulbs in the UK, available in standard, tubular, globe, and pear/squirrel shape, with B22 and E27 bases. Filament light bulbs, also known as Edison or vintage bulbs, have a uniquely shaped, dimmable filament that lends them an elegant appearance, making them ideal for use in exposed, decorative fixtures.

40watt ES E27 Screw Cap Pear Gold Filament


60watt ES E27 Screw Cap GLS Gold Vintage Carbon Filament Loop Very Warm


60watt ES E27 Screw Cap 95mm Globe Gold Filament


40watt BC B22 Bayonet Cap Very Warm Tubular Gold Filament


40watt ST64 Squirrel Cage Pear ES E27 Screw Cap Warm Gold Vintage Carbon Filament


60watt BC B22 Bayonet Cap Pear Squirrel Filament


40watt BC B22 Bayonet Cap Clear ST64 Pear Squirrel Filament