Tube Lights

Our selection of tube shaped light bulbs includes T2, T4, T5, T8, and T9 fluorescent and LEDs, with G10q, G13, GX13, G5, and W4.3 caps. Commonly used in kitchens, garages, office buildings, and many other public areas. We offer the largest stock of tube bulbs in the UK.

24watt Fluorecsent Tube Slimline T5 900mm/910mm Colour Warm White G5 F24T5IL

£8.94 Reviews with

13watt 21 Inch Flourescent Tube (525mm) T5 (16mm) Colour 35 White G5 Cap FT2113W

£1.62 Reviews with

8watt Fluorescent Tube T5 (16mm) 12 Inch (300mm) Colour 35 White G5 Cap FT128W

£1.26 Reviews with

58watt 5ft Colour 860 Daylight 1500mm

£5.88 Reviews with

10watt T4 (12mm) Fluorescent Tube 352mm Colour 3500k White G5 (5mm) Cap F10T4W

£5.94 Reviews with

8watt 300mm UVC Germicidal T5 Ultra Clear FG08

£3.96 Reviews with

13watt Fluorecsent Tube Slimline T5 404mm/410mm Colour Warm White G5 F13T5IL

£8.82 Reviews with

20watt T4 (12mm) Fluorescent Tube 580mm Colour 3500k White G5 (5mm) Cap F20T4W

£7.14 Reviews with

14watt T5 (16mm) Fluorescent Tube 549mm/563mm Colour 840 Cool White T5 63940055

£2.88 Reviews with

8watt 12in Colour 33 Cool White

£1.26 Reviews with

18watt 2ft Colour 840 Cool White 600mm

£3.12 Reviews with

16watt 29 Inch Flourescent Tube T8 Colour 830 Warm White G13 Cap 0000870 F16W/T8/T8/830

£4.08 Reviews with

36watt 4ft Colour 865 Daylight 1200mm

£5.64 Reviews with

4.7watt Tubular Cooker Hood – Appliance LED SES E14 Small Screw Cap Clear Cool White Equivalent to 37watt

£4.20 Reviews with

6watt T4 (12mm) Fluorescent Tube 231mm Colour 3500k White G5 (5mm) Cap F6T4W

£5.94 Reviews with

16watt T4 Fluorescent Tube 470mm Colour 2700k Warm G5 Cap 000284

£7.14 Reviews with