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Light Bulb Buying Guides

how to measure light bulbs
Light Bulb Buying Guides

Measuring your light bulbs is a simple process, and it’s one that’s important if you’re trying to replace a bulb and have lost the original packaging or are in the process of upgrading to energy efficient LEDs. After all, you need to be sure that the new bulb you select is going to fit into your fixture. If you’ve never had to measure a light bulb, you may be wondering what measurements you need to take, and where exactly to start your measurements from. Let’s take a look: Measuring the Bulb The glass or plastic upper part of the light

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light bulb comparison guide
Light Bulb Buying Guides

There’s never been more energy-efficient ways to light your home or business, but it can be difficult to keep up as the technology continues improving and older products are phased out. With that in mind, we’ve created a guide comparing the most commonly used bulbs. Let’s start with a brief overview of the three main options: Incandescent and halogen bulbs Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) Light emitting diodes (LEDs) Incandescent & Halogen Incandescent Incandescents are the most recognizable and most prevalent light bulbs, and are the type you probably had in your home growing up. They’re called “incandescent” because they use

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colour temperature
Lighting Tools & Resources

Colour temperature describes the appearance or tint of a particular light. Most bulbs emit a white light, but this white light can range from warm to cool. Read this guide to find the right colour temperature for your new light bulbs.

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phasing out traditional light bulbs
Lighting Tools & Resources

Traditional incandescent light bulbs are very inefficient – they waste 95% of the electricity they use by turning it into heat! Under new EU rules, these bulbs are being phased out and replaced by energy efficient light bulbs – a measure that will reduce CO2 emissions by up to 15 million tons a year. Traditional incandescent light bulbs began to be phased out in 2009 when the manufacture of 100W and 60W pearl light bulbs was stopped. In September 2011, 60W clear bulbs were also banned from being produced. These lamps were not removed from sale – there are still

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