GU4 Base Light Bulbs & Lamps

The GU4 bulb is an MR11 dichroic push and fit lamp with 2 pins measuring 4mm apart. GU4 bulb base types are ideal for open fittings and as display lighting. GU4 base lamps are available as incandescents, halogens, and LEDs, with dimmable options available.

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20watt Decostar 35s MR11 LV Low Voltage 12volt GU4 Dimmable Twin Pack


3.2watt MR11 LED 12volt GU4 Warm Equivalent To 20watt Dimmable


35watt Decostar 35s MR11 Low Voltage 12volt GU4 Cap Dimmable Twin Pack


3watt MR11 LED 12volt GU4 Cap Warm White Equivalent To 20watt