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7 Ways to Use Edison Bulbs in your Home Decor

7 ways to use edison bulbs home decor

Unlike modern light bulbs, Edison bulbs, also referred to as carbon filament bulbs, antique filament bulbs, and squirrel cage bulbs, have a looser filament that is more visible and comes coiled in a variety of styles, which makes them ideal for displaying without a shade. With a vintage glow and a look that harkens back to the 1800s and, these bulbs are perfect for adding a touch of industrial chic and rustic style to any space.

Let’s take a look at 7 ways you can use Edison bulbs in your lighting design and home decor:

1. Pendant lamps

edison bulbs home decor cork factory hotel

Image Source: Cork Factory Hotel

Whether you’re decorating a special event or your own personal space, a series of simple, hanging bare-bulb pendants brightens up the dinner table and adds interest to any room. Switch things up by alternating between globe, pear, tubular, and standard shaped bulbs.

2. Backdrop

edison bulbs home decor backdrop frances photography

Image Source: Frances Photography.

Add a bright, bold backdrop to your wedding (or any party!) by swapping out standard string lights for Edison bulbs and hanging them against a wall.

3. Vanity mirror

edison bulbs home decor vanity mirror

Install incandescent Edison bulbs around your vanity mirror for a touch of vintage Hollywood glam! Incandescent bulbs have a perfect colour rendering index of 100. This means that they accurately reproduce colours, which makes them ideal for use in vanity mirrors since these bulbs display the true colour of makeup. Try using globe lights for a more authentic retro look.

4. Chandelier

edison bulbs home decor chandelier b vintage

Image Source: B Vintage

Replace the traditional bulbs in your chandelier with carbon filament bulbs to transform it into an unusual industrial piece, or build your own using rustic materials.

5. Centrepieces

edison bulbs home decor centrepieces ruffled mirabel photography

Image Source: Mirabel Photography via Ruffled.

This centrepiece by Ruffled shows that Edison bulbs don’t need to be turned on to create an electrifying display! To make your centrepiece even more eye-catching, pick a variety of different shapes to add interest, such as tubular, globe or pear.

6. Placecards

edison bulbs home decor placecards ruffled mirabel photography

Image Source: Mirabel Photography via Ruffled.

These unconventional placecards are another bold, unorthodox way to use carbon filament bulbs. Create a unique look and feel for any event by using them to identify seating placement. You can even personalize them by writing the guest’s name directly on the bulb or by attaching a tag around the base.

7. Outdoors

edison bulbs home decor outdoors allixan loosle

Image Source: Alixann Loosle via

Dress up your outdoor space by draping strings of lights or hanging single Edison bulbs around the yard. Exposed carbon filament bulbs are the perfect decoration for your next garden party, and they also make a great alternative to traditional holiday decorations, or you can simply to enjoy their gorgeous glow year-round. Incandescent Edison bulbs do get warm, so be careful to keep them away from anything flammable.

Make your space shine

Whether you’re looking to add a bit of steampunk style to your lighting scheme or hoping to evoke a vintage vibe, Edison bulbs are a unique way to brighten up any event or interior.

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