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8 Ways to Use Holiday Lights All Year Round

8 ways to use holiday fairy string lights all year round

The allure of holiday lights is undeniable. With a soft, low light and a look that’s reminiscent of stars and candlelight, fairy lights are an easy way to create an enchanting environment in any space.

The festive season may be (long) over, but if you’re finding it hard to part ways with your fairy lights, here are some creative ways you can keep them up all year without drawing the ire of your neighbours:

1. Enchanted garden

Now that the weather is warming, you can make evenings in your garden more pleasant by lending it some ambience with fairy lights. Move your holiday lights from the front bushes to the trees in your backyard, drape them along the fence, edge your pathways, or hang them overhead.

holiday fair lights year round outdoor environment backyard garden

Image Source: Apartment Therapy

Make sure you’re using lights that are rated for outdoor use.

2. Radiant room divider

Invite the enchanted outdoors into your home with a modified room divider. Remove the panels to create a frame and install branches wrapped with fairy lights using nails or glue.

holiday fair lights year round room divider

Image Source: Yahoo

Use warm or cool white to recreate the look of fireflies amongst the branches or switch things up with a pop of colour using multi-colour lights:


3. Beautifully lit memories

Start by hanging strings of holiday lights along your walls, either straight across or in a zig-zag fashion. Attach photos to them using clips, tape or any other material you have handy to create a beautifully displayed wall of memories.

holiday fair lights year round memory wall

Image Source: UO Blog

Keep it classic with string lights or try shapes for an even more eclectic look:


Warm White

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4. Creative chandelier

holiday fair lights year round chandelier

Image Source: Wedding Chicks

Wrap fairy lights around a chandelier fixture to create a unique and eye-catching look that works both in and outdoors. This glittering chandelier is also perfect for wedding or party decorations.

5. Decorative jar

Dress up empty jars and vases by adding fairy lights and a seasonally-appropriate accent. We like moss and stones for spring, sea shells and sand for summer, and pine cones for fall.

holiday fair lights year round decorative jar

Build on the theme with festive seasonal lights:

Shop our selection of bits and bobs, including batteries, to make decorating with holiday lights easier.

6. Emphasize window & doors

Use holiday lights to add some illumination to your entranceways and windows. This is a great way to highlight and accent architectural features.

holiday fair lights year round window door frame

Image Source: Me and Alice

Rope lights will fit snugly against frames, but for a looser look, try traditional string lights:


7. Create a cozy space

holiday fair lights year round cozy space fort

Image Source: Be Sweet Blog via Buzzfeed

Whether it’s a comfy reading nook or a fun little fort, grab a few of your favourite pillows and blankets, string up some sheets and add fairy lights to create an inviting area to escape to on rainy days. For an extra cozy fort, use warm white.

8. Light the way

Hang fairy lights across your ceiling for a soft light – use low lumens and warm white for something dark enough to act as a night light, or run them down the hallway for an easy way to find the bathroom at night. This way, you won’t subject yourself to harsh light that will make it more difficult to fall back to sleep.

Shine & sparkle for every season

Just because the holiday season is over doesn’t mean you have to abandon everything you love about it! Incorporating fairy lights into your decor year-round is a simple way to keep a little bit of holiday magic with you into the summer.


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