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Fall In Love With Your Lighting On Valentine’s Day

Valentine's lighting

February air exudes the chills of winter, along with the love and warmth of Valentine’s Day. It is soon approaching, and the excitement is building in the air.

Why not spend this special day at home? You can make your own oasis with a little decoration and make the evening uniquely yours.  We have an endless range of products that can help you transform your space. To start-off, here are some lighting ideas to inspire you and rekindle your love for Valentine’s Day.

Add a spark to your love life with some romantic lighting

romantic lanterns

Lighting can definitely work its magic to create a perfect romantic setting. You can even decorate your plants or trees. You can place LED lights around the headboard of your bed to lend a romantic element to your bedroom while keeping heat low.

They are available in different colours, from cool white to red and everything in between. You can mix them up for a vibrant setting or maintain consistency with the same colours. Find the right fit for your room here from our range of LED lights.

You can also fix outdoor lights in your garden or patio and plan your dinner there. It will make for a perfect setting under the stars, and create a memorable experience.

Get Creative with String Lights

get creative with string lights

With all the other preparations, you might not have time to engage in tricky DIYs. This is where a few strings lights will come in handy. You can hang them on your wall, trees, furniture or turn them into a symbol of love.

You can also use an empty bottle of wine, champagne or even a mason jar and insert some fairy lights into it. It will make for a beautiful Valentine’s Day décor.

Get a ductile wire and bend it to get the shape that you want, and wrap the string lights around it. Place near your window or door. Who needs a neon sign, right? Feel free to unleash your creativity here.

Set the mood with LED Candles

Set the mood with LED Candles

Keep it old school without worrying about setting your house on fire with battery-operated or LED candles. Candles always create a relaxing atmosphere which has been linked to romance. But candle flames can result in hazardous situations and heat the things around it. Also, do you want to spend the next day trying to get the wax off your table? LED candles will offer you a win-win alternative with a wide range of options in colours.  So get that flickering glow and romantic ambience while keeping your house safe.

Dimmable LED for the perfect mood lighting

For your special Valentine’s day, invest in a dimmer and dimmable bulbs and get the simplest yet affordable option to make your home more romantic. It will create an enchanting element to your house. You will be able to alter the mood of any room in one quick motion. The soft, faint glow of the bulb will augment the ambience of the space. Also, this will be something you will be able to enjoy all year long.

Wi-Fi Controlled lighting for your comfort

It is a revolutionary idea which is going to prove its worth all year round. With a simple voice or app touch command, you can control the lights and also conserve energy.  You can also use it to dim or change colour as the night goes on. Now you will not have to get up between a movie to switch the lights off.  You can stay with your loved one in a relaxing ambience and save energy at the same time.

Invest in Lighting Décor

If you have the budget and want to go all out, you can buy some lighting décor items. It will keep your dream space alive all year round. Go for some layered lighting with a scone, floor lamp, or some pendants.  These items will make your home more charming as you sip wine or have dinner under its light.

Improved Aesthetics with Lampshades

improved aesthetics with lampshades

Lampshades are perfect for giving a mysterious yet passionate aura to your space. You can also experiment a little with décor this time. Light-coloured lamps fill the room with bright light but for a romantic mood, try a darker lampshade. You can go for more alluring colours like burgundy or red and make a complete transformation of your room.

Also, if you are planning a movie night and want to create a theatre atmosphere, just place one lampshade in the room for accent lighting. It will give your room a visual appeal and a cosy quality, which is essential for a movie.

This Valentine’s day, you can try relaxing on your cosy bed with some chamomile tea. If you can offer your partner space where they can unwind, then will that not make for the perfect present? We hope our ideas helped you to create some beautiful aesthetics for your home.


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Sonja is a lighting expert at The Lightbulb Company with a background in hospitality and a keen awareness of the important role lighting plays in our everyday lives. She has worn many hats with us over the years, developing an extensive knowledge of lighting and the lighting industry. She is passionate about working with customers, understanding their needs, and providing them with the best solutions.