300 Watt Light Bulbs & lamps

300 watt light bulbs are typically high intensity discharge lamps, infrared lamps, catering lights, or stage, theatre, and projection lamps. 300 watt bulbs can safely be used in fixtures with a maximum of 300 watts or more. Maximum wattage information can typically be found printed inside the light fixture or lamp socket.

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300 watt ES E27 Screw Cap Clear Front Infrared


300watt 240volt Clear Jacketed 118mm R7s Cap IRL300C7


300watt 240volt Clear Jacketed 220mm R7s Cap IRL300C7L


300watt 240volt Clear 118mm R7s Cap IRK13908R


300watt 240volt GX6.35 Cap CP97


300watt 240volt Clear Jacketed 216mm SK15 Cap IRL300C