Home Lighting, Room by Room Home Lighting Guide

Room by Room Home Lighting Guide

When it comes to lighting your home, every room has its own unique set of considerations, from fixture placement to bulb brightness and colour. Whether you’re simply looking for ways to improve your home lighting design or are creating a fresh lighting plan for a brand new home, our Room by Room Guide to Lighting your Home will help shed some light on common concerns, and help you craft a solution that works for you and your space.

room by room guide lighting home basic types task accent general ambient

Start Here: Basic Types of Lighting

The three basic types of lighting are the building blocks for your home lighting design. Get started with our guide on how and when to layer general, task, and accent lighting.


room by room guide lighting home kitchen

Kitchen Lighting Guide

The kitchen is one of the most frequently used and functional spaces in our homes, which means this room requires a range of lighting to create an inviting and practical atmosphere in which to work and live.


room by room guide lighting home bedroom

Bedroom Lighting Guide

Bedroom lighting is often overlooked when planning your home’s lighting design, but it’s especially important to manage light properly in this space to make it easier for you to wake up in the morning and fall asleep at night.


room by room guide lighting home bathroom

Bathroom Lighting Guide

Whether you need bright light to help wake you up in the morning or something soft and relaxing to help you unwind in the bath at the end of the day, a properly lit bathroom can make all the difference.


room by room guide lighting home living room

Living Room Lighting Guide

Living rooms are multi-purpose, acting as the setting for a variety of activities, including everything from reading alone to hosting a party. Get started with our best living room lighting ideas.


room by room guide lighting home dining room

Dining Room Lighting Guide

Whether you entertain often or prefer to dine solo, properly lighting your dining room can make meal time a more relaxing experience. Keep reading for our best dining room lighting tips.


room by room guide lighting home office

Home Office Lighting Guide

One of the most important aspects of any workspace is good lighting. Here are some tips for creating the right lighting to build yourself a workable home office with a productive atmosphere.


room by room guide lighting home entryway foyer

Entryway Lighting Guide

The entryway or foyer acts primarily as a functional space, but because it is often only briefly used, your entryway can be easily overlooked when it comes to lighting.


room by room guide lighting home basement

Basement Lighting Guide

Your basement likely gets the least amount of natural light of any room in your home. This presents some unique challenges when it comes to creating a lighting plan.


room by room guide lighting home outdoor garden yard

Garden Lighting Guide

Enhancing your garden with the illumination it deserves is an easy way to convert it into a usable space at any hour. Read our guide for tips on how to light your outdoor space.



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