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5 Great ideas for solar lighting

Great ideas for solar lighting

Spring is in the air and Summer is just around the corner, it’s time to look forward to making the most of enjoying time in our gardens. Solar lighting is an easy way to help you make the most of outdoor spaces. A no fuss way of adding a little bit of magic to your summer evenings and nights.

Add a touch of sparkle to your borders

The sun is setting but that does not mean you have to retreat indoors. Whether it be relaxing with a cool drink, cosying up for an al fresco supper or just cooling off outdoors, adding solar spike lights to your borders means you can enjoy a summers evening long after the sun has set.

Great ideas for solar lighting

Make your flower baskets, planters and flower beds twinkle!

Your flowerbeds do not just have be admired during the day, by adding a solar spike light you can highlight them after dark and appreciate them long after the sun goes down, a feature for both day and night. A wonderful way to accent your floral designs.

Create a warm welcome by lighting up your driveway

The perfect way to greet your guests for the evening for a glorious garden party. As well as creating an appealing entrance and creating a clear path to your home for your visitors, you add extra security to deter trespassers during the night.

Security and practicality

Wall mounted motion solar lights not only guide you to your door but make it easier for you to navigate your key into the keyhole as well as adding an element of security alerting you when they detect movement.

Great ideas for solar lighting

Illuminate your pathways and walkway

Finding your way up and down your garden is no mean feat in the dark, adding solar spike lights is not only a simple way to create a delightful decorative feature for your sundown barbeques but a practical way to navigate paths and steps to ensure safe passage back to your house after nightfall.

Great ideas for solar lighting

Solar lights are an inexpensive hassle-free option to illuminate your outdoor spaces. Powered by batteries which store power from sunlight there are no wires, no need for an electrician, no fuss. These low-cost lights are incredibly versatile and easy to fit. If they are located where they can access sunlight, they are an excellent addition to your garden, adding character and security to your property when the light fades.

Check out our range of solar lights and transform your garden into a magical outdoor space.


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