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Understanding The Upcoming Fluorescent Ban

Understanding The Upcoming Fluorescent Ban

In a continued effort to improve the energy efficiency of lighting and tackle the ongoing battle to reduce climate change, legislation has been brought forward for the phase of the production of compact fluorescent and fluorescent lamps. With most incandescent and halogen lightbulbs already being phased out it is expected that 85% of the lightbulbs that are sold by 2030 will be LED. By phasing out less efficient bulbs and replacing them with LED, this will reduce energy bills, reduce energy consumption and waste and help to save the planet.

Timeline for the phase out of Fluorescent

T8 Fluorescent – 1st of September 2023 (The EU is August 2023).

Compact Fluorescent – 1st of February 2024 (The EU is February 2023).

T5 Fluorescent – 24th of February 2024 (The EU is August 2023).

Does this mean that you cannot order fluorescents after these dates?

No, although manufacturers will no longer be able to produce them after the stated dates, they will still be able to supply the stocks they have, so you will be able to purchase fluorescent lighting while stocks last. Our UK webstore has a large range or fluorescent lightbulbs at very competitive prices

Understanding The Upcoming Fluorescent Ban

What can I do when the stocks have run out?

Depending on the type of fluorescent lightbulb you are using, you will either be able to upgrade to an LED lightbulb or replace your fitting with a complete LED module. If you are replacing a compact fluorescent with a conventional Bayonet or Screw cap, you can simply upgrade to a retrofit LED lightbulb. When replacing an existing fluorescent lightbulb which is run from a ballast and control gear to LED, you must either use a starter blank which will be provided with the lamp or wire past the ballast, the latter should be carried out by a qualified electrician, this will all be dependent on if you are using a high frequency ballast of an electromagnetic ballast. Please note that some LED lightbulbs are not suitable for use in emergency fittings.

Upgrading to LED will not only save you money on your electricity bills but will also reduce your ongoing maintenance costs as they can last up to 50,000 hours! As well as providing you with a far superior light, LED’s provide instant light, are cool to the touch and provide and improved lumen maintenance, fluorescents have a lumen depreciation of 50 percent compared to LED which still emits at least 70 percent of its initial lumen output at the end of the rated life. Please contact our helpful customer services team to discuss which LED upgrade is the most suitable for your requirements at [email protected].

Summing Up

Whether you want to make plans to stock up on fluorescents while they are available, or you would like advice on choosing the best LED upgrade for your existing lighting, our helpful and experienced team are happy to assist.


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