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Introducing New Castello Style LED Filament Bulbs + OPUS LED Capsules

We are always working to bring you the latest advancements in energy efficient lighting, so we’re excited to announce the addition of two new lines of LED products to our online store: high-end Castello Style LED filament bulbs, and ultra-efficient OPUS LED capsules.

Get to know our newest products:

Castello Style LED Filament Bulbs

Castello Style’s LED filament bulbs are not your average Edison bulb. These high-end lamps are known for creating a warm, elegant atmosphere without the carbon footprint of traditional incandescent filament bulbs.

castello style led filament bulbs

Featuring a high-quality build and exceptional finish, Castello Style bulbs were designed with bars, cafes, restaurants, and other commercial settings in mind. All Castello Style bulbs are dimmable, and with a number of bulb shapes to choose from, you can create a vintage-inspired, energy efficient lighting design that’s perfect for your space. Create a unified look using a single bulb shape, or mix and match for an eclectic vibe:

Check out our full selection of Castello Style LED filament bulbs.

Learn more about this lighting trend and get inspired with our design ideas:

OPUS LED Capsules

Capsule bulbs are ideal for times when you need a high-intensity bulb in a small space. Most capsule bulbs are halogen, and with a ban on many halogen bulbs due to take effect this September, it may be time to consider upgrading your current capsule bulbs to a more efficient LED lamp. Our new OPUS LED capsules are made of glass like traditional halogen capsules, but they require approximately 90% less energy to power.

OPUS LED capsules are ideal for both residential and commercial use:

  • Residential: Ceiling lights, desk lamps, side table lamps, pendants, cabinet lighting, and accent lighting.
  • Commercial: Medical, stage, studio, and other specialty equipment, as well as decorative light fixtures.

The Lightbulb Co. carries two base types: G4 and G9.

1.7watt Capsule LED G4 Cap 12volt Warm White Equivalent To 15watt


Ideal for:

  • Accent lighting
  • Display lighting
  • Cabinet lighting
  • Specialist light fittings



  • Projector lamps
  • Dental lamps
  • Car, boat, and caravan lamps

1.7watt Capsule LED G4 Cap 12volt Warm White Equivalent To 15watt


Ideal for:

  • Ceiling lamps
  • Desk lamps
  • Side table lamps



  • Cabinets
  • Accent lighting

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