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Introducing OPUS LED Ceiling Panels

introducing opus led ceiling panels office lighting commercial

Good news for offices, shops, warehouses, and other commercial settings—we’re now stocking Opus Lighting Technology LED ceiling panels. Designed to fit in most ceiling grids, with a slim profile and built-in driver, these LED panels offer a clean look and a quick and easy installation, making it that much easier to upgrade your place of business with energy efficient lighting and start saving money.

Shining Bright

LED ceiling panels boast a number of benefits, such as:

  • Longer lifespan: This means you’ll spend less time and money replacing or repairing your lighting, cutting down on maintenance costs.
  • Cooler operating temperatures: LEDs produce significantly less heat than other types of light bulbs and the beam generates no heat whatsoever, helping to cut down on unnecessary environmental control costs.
  • Higher Energy Efficiency: LEDs turn most of their energy into light rather than heat, meaning they require less wattage to produce the same level of illumination of an incandescent or CFL. This is why LED brightness is measured in lumens rather than watts, and the reason they cost so much less money to operate. Learn how to convert lumens to watts with our conversion chart.
  • Instant-on capability: Unlike other types of lighting, LED office panels provide full light levels immediately so you don’t have to worry about warm-up time or damage to the ballast from being turned on and off frequently. This durability makes them ideal for motion-activated lights in warehouses or store rooms.
  • Brighter light: Because of their design, LED ceiling panels project more light than their fluorescent counterparts, which can lose light by projecting it back in the fitting. This allows for a brighter fixture and cuts down on the number of panels required to light a space.
  • Less maintenance: It’s not just electrical costs and a reduced number of fixtures you’ll save money on: their long lifespan means less time spent replacing and repairing your lighting, cutting down on maintenance costs.
  • Enhanced productivity: Available in 6,500k—the most popular colour temperature for commercial environments—with two lumen levels to choose from, these LED panels make it possible to enhance productivity with a colour temperature and level of brightness that keeps employees alert.
PRO TIP: These LED panels aren’t just for commercial spaces! They can also be installed by an electrician in your home to replace old fluorescent tubes that need to be updated.

Check out what these lights have to offer:



Colour Temperature6,500k6,500k
Size600 x 600 x 9mm*600 x 600 x 9mm*
Lifespan30,000 hours30,000 hours
Energy Efficiency RatingA++A++
Additional Features3 Year Guarantee3 Year Guarantee
Radio Interference LevelsLower than the max allowed under BS EN55015
*Actual size: 595 x 595 x 9mm - to accommodate and fit into existing grids

Level Up with LEDs

Cost- and energy-efficient, simple to install, attractive, and low-maintenance, LED ceiling panels are an easy way to improve lighting in your office, store, or warehouse. Brighten up any commercial or residential space with new Opus Lighting Technology LED ceiling panels.


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