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All You Need to Know About Appliance Light Bulbs

Appliance light bulbs

Sometimes you don’t notice the things you had around you all along until they’re gone. Avoid this happening with your appliance lights too.
Just the way a single attire doesn’t suit every occasion, one kind of light bulb won’t work everywhere. And just like you need to change your outfits once in a while, your lights need to get changed once in a while too.
To make your life easier, the bulbs are now clearly labelled and rated according to their functions and compatibility.
If you are looking to change the lights in any of your appliances, make sure that the bulbs are suited for the purpose before moving forward.

Baking Spree With No Worry

Appliance oven

Some sweets are best frosted while others are best served hot. Light bulbs are like sweets, there’s the right one for the right place. Some bulbs are specifically made to withstand high temperatures up to 300 Degrees Celsius, while others are designed to work best in colder settings.

Microwaves and ovens are used in our everyday life to heat and cook food. If you want to have a look at your next meal while it’s getting heated, you need light. Microwaves and ovens are fitted with small and specialized incandescent light bulbs to provide the necessary small amount of light. Over the years, they need to be replaced.

While LEDs have proved to be an effective, sustainable and much-needed innovation, replacing oven bulbs with LED bulbs is not a good choice. Due to the high temperatures your oven reaches, you’ll need a traditional incandescent light bulb here that is designed to withstand this environment.

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LEDs age with heat and the more they heat, the faster they age. Just like hard drives fail after overheating, LED circuitry stops functioning reliably on exposure to heat and might even melt and release toxic fumes into the food.

If you’re worried about energy consumption, don’t fret because the light bulbs used in your appliances have relatively low energy consumption and are only used a few hours a day at most. The heat released by the bulb just contributes to the heating, which happens to be the primary use of ovens anyway.

If you are looking to change your oven or microwave light, there are abundant options in incandescent light bulbs that we offer to choose from, ranging from shape to size to base to wattage. Here are some of the most common types:

Decoration and Tool, All In One

Appliance decoration

Cooker hoods are a great addition to kitchens, and sometimes, a requirement too. They act as an efficient tool to remove smoke, heat, and various smells while also acting as a light source onto the hob.

But like every other lighting appliance, the life of the pre-installed lights on the hood may start flickering, and you know it’s time for a new bulb. Unlike microwaves and ovens, cooker hoods can most definitely be fitted with appliance rated LEDs, given that the hood is LED compatible.

Here are some of our most common traditional and LED options:

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Cold Lands With A Warm Glow

Appliance refrigerator

Refrigerators are designed to maintain a cold environment. LEDs work the best in such cases, although the use of fluorescent and neon lights are also extensively seen, especially in walk-in refrigerators and the ones on display in stores and shops.

While incandescent lights were widely use and do work, most of the refrigerators manufactured now come with LED lighting, and the older ones are being revamped by replacing tungsten lights with LED ones.

One other benefit of LED here is that you can decide whether you prefer to opt for a warm white light output or for an even more frosty look, a cool white.

If your refrigerator has crossed a few years, it’s time for you to stock up on your lighting just in case. Midnight snacks can be difficult to grab without lights.

Here are some of our most common traditional and LED options:

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In Summary

Our selection of appliance bulbs is also designed to work in other appliances like sewing machines. To fully understand which light bulbs you need for your appliance, you can look at the markings on your current light bulb and look for the same type of bulb (wattage, cap base and any special features) or alternatively, look through the manual for the appliance in question if in any doubt. We always advise that you contact us if you’re unsure or require further assistance.

With LEDs being made to suit almost any usage, it’s important to know when and when not to use them. Last of all, stocking up in advance can never hurt. If your appliances have lived a few years, stock up on the lights to avoid mishaps later or a half cooked potato at your next roast dinner.


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