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Best Bathroom Lighting Tips For The Perfect Ambience And Feel

5 Best Bathroom Lighting Tips For The Perfect Ambience And Feel

Bathroom lighting can be a tough call if you have not pre-planned it. Most homes either have too much or too little lighting for their bathroom area. If you are planning on renovating your bathroom or just want to change the way it feels, lighting is a crucial step you should not overlook.

But, how to get it right? There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to lighting. The shape and size of your bathroom will define what lights should be used and how they should be placed. However, there are certain general ideas that will help you achieve the best results. Keep reading to know how you can have the best bathroom lighting set-up possible!

Don’t Overlight It

5 Best Bathroom Lighting Tips For The Perfect Ambience And Feel

If a bathroom is overlit there is no room for relaxation. If you are taking a long bath after a hot day you need to really calm the nerves, and strong downlights can completely ruin your experience. Downlights can also cause glare especially if your bathroom is small.

But, downlights are also important. If you need your bathroom well-lit then downlights are the best sources of illumination. What you can do is, instead of having them located centrally on the ceiling, have them fixed towards the corner or in the middle of a wall. This will ensure there is an uneven flow of light and create a cosy atmosphere while also giving you enough light. The space will also feel bigger and allow you to work with more lights.

Pendants And Scones

5 Best Bathroom Lighting Tips For The Perfect Ambience And Feel

A ceiling-mounted downlight is the most common light in bathrooms, however, you can do away with it altogether. You can add modern stylization to your bathroom by installing scones and pendants instead of ceiling lights. Scones will go beautifully around your mirror and basin area, and you can have a hanging pendant light to add warm lighting as well.

Not only will this make your bathroom less boring, but you will also be able to stay away from light falling directly on you at all times. This will reduce the overall temperature of the bathroom and you will be able to have a relaxing feel. This technique is used in many 5 star hotels, but you can get a similar feel for your home as well.

The Mirror Is Your Centrepiece

5 Best Bathroom Lighting Tips For The Perfect Ambience And Feel

If you are using an overhead fixture to light up the bathroom mirror, then you are doing it wrong. When somebody enters a bathroom the first thing they notice is in the mirror, and if your mirror lighting is not on point then the entire aesthetic is lost. To start with, remove any overhead fixtures you may have. Rather, choose mounted fixtures on both sides of your mirror to have even lighting that does not cast shadows on your face.

If you want a mirror with backlighting to it, you should have a hanging fixture next to it to complement it. Lesser or hidden lights mean more area for you to play around with, so put it to use. But in either case, ensure that you are not casting too many shadows.

Multiple Layers And Colour

5 Best Bathroom Lighting Tips For The Perfect Ambience And Feel

Most people think of bathroom lighting in a singular layer aspect. However, the key to having extravagant yet usable lighting is having multiple layers of it. Don’t visualize your bathroom as a single unit. Rather, think of the various areas; the shower, the toilet, the mirror – all deserve their own lighting, and they are not the same as each other.

Having different intensities of lights in different parts of your bathroom is useful when you want to stay away from direct light. You can also opt for different temperatures in your lighting plan to have something for the perfect mood.

Smart Lighting

5 Best Bathroom Lighting Tips For The Perfect Ambience And Feel

Bathroom lights are switched on and off more than any other light in one’s house. Since we are living in an era of technological marvel, there is no requirement for you to constantly monitor such a process. You can opt for smart lighting solutions that will regulate themselves depending on time, movement, and presence. Furthermore, with a smart holder, you can regulate the intensity of the light. This is highly useful for a small bathroom where you can not have too many fixtures.

In any bathroom, you will not want the same intensity of light during the day as well as at night. So, having smart fixtures will allow you to not opt for too many layers of lights. There is a vast range of smart lighting solutions available in the market, so you will be able to personalize them as well.

Summing Up

The lighting style of your bathroom can not be overlooked since it will be one of the areas of your home you will visit regularly. If you want to upgrade your bathroom lighting start by taking off any centre lighting you have and choose wall mounted lighting instead. You can choose from a range of wall fixtures of varying sizes and shapes to complement the look of your bathroom.

When you plan the lighting for your bathroom, try to decentralize as much as possible. This will help add layers to the lighting, and you can also opt for lights of varying temperatures. Finally, use smart fixtures as this will greatly reduce your overall task.

Use these tips to innovate your bathroom space and create the perfect cosy nest one calls home.


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