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Best type of lighting for applying makeup?

Best type of lighting for applying makeup

When it comes to makeup, the light you use can be one of the primary factors that define the outcome. Bright natural light is obviously the best option, but, that’s not always possible. So, when you are choosing your makeup light there are quite a few do’s and don’ts that you need to follow!

We consulted our experts at The LightBulb Company and here are a number of handy tips for any of you who are keen on getting their makeup perfect! And if you think that getting good makeup lighting is going to crunch your wallet, that’s not the case at all!

If you visit any modern lighting website you will notice a number of makeup-oriented lights. You can even get entire mirrors fitted with fixtures, but it matters what goes in these fixtures. So, let’s look at how you choose the best makeup light!

LEDs Should Be Your Go-To Option

Best type of lighting for applying makeup

In order to make sure your makeup is perfect you need soft as well as bright light. Modern lighting can make this possible and there are many options, but LED lights are the best in the category.

They are energy efficient and can be fitted with dimmers as well. You can also opt for smart LED lights where you can adjust the brightness, tone and colour temperature of the light, making it simple to set up your lighting to your very own personal choice. This is also helpful for anyone with sensitivity to bright lights,

Another aspect of LEDs that make them makeup-friendly is that they will never heat up your face. Incandescent bulbs are still used by many as their makeup lights and these can really emit a lot of heat. This is why you might have sat in front of a makeup mirror and started sweating. LEDs do not emit excessive heat and produce a light that is evenly bright.

Positioning makes a lot of difference

Positioning makes a lot of difference

If you are thinking about overhead ceiling lights in your makeup space, don’t! Your makeup light should be directly in front of you and emit the light evenly on your face. Shadows on your face will always ruin your makeup, so stay away from overheads.

Once again, if you are sensitive to light and want to position the lights away from your face; opt for dimmers or smart bulbs instead and you will be able to get even lighting without it being too bright.

If your makeup spot has overheads then turn them off and use only your mirror light to apply makeup. You can have multiple LED smart bulbs fitted onto or around your mirror to ensure even illumination. If you have lights installed at an angle then you will experience shadows and your makeup will be guesswork.

There are great LED fixtures to choose from

If you follow beauty influencers on social media you will have noticed that their lighting is quite fancy. It is obvious to think that they use extravagant lighting; rather, they use normal LED lights. You can also get amazing fixtures for your makeup mirror and have LED bulbs fitted in them.

And if you already have fixtures then you can opt for a dimmer or smart bulb. LED lighting is eco-friendly and also saves you on electricity expenditure!

What to avoid?

Best type of lighting for applying makeup

If you think that there are certain Non-LED options that you want to opt for, you can always give it a go, but make sure to stay away from these three types of lights when setting up your makeup space!

  1. Any form of yellow-tinted light makes skin look tired. So, if your makeup light is yellow then you have chances of over-applying concealers. Yellow light is also hotter than other lights.
  2. Red tinted lights have the opposite effect i.e. they make skin look brighter. So, this can lead to under-applying the makeup.

As mentioned before, incandescent and halogen light bulbs, although bright can be very hot, this could cause you to sweat and can also ruin your makeup.

Summing Up

No matter how much you may spend on your makeup, if your lighting is not right, you will never achieve the perfection you seek. So, here’s a quick sum up for you to note!

  • Always buy LED lights when it comes to makeup lighting. They emit bright light but do not produce excessive heat and can be fitted with dimmers.
  • Position your light in front of your face and make sure there are no shadows on your face. Turn off overhead lights if yo have any.
  • Choose from a wide range of fixtures and create the perfect lighting style for your personalised makeup space.
  • Always avoid red and yellow-tinted lights as these can lead you to applying the wrong amount of makeup.
  • Avoid incandescent and halogen lights as they emit too much heat and will make long sessions uncomfortable.

Remember each of these points like the gospel and your makeup lighting will truly be perfect. Once you have achieved it, you will notice that even with the bare minimum amount of makeup items you are able to get amazing outcomes!

Lighting is vital when it comes to gettting any form of color treatment perfect. So, be it painting on a canvas or applying different layers of makeup, being able to see the true color of it remains immensely important.


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