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Illuminate Your Lives With Smart Lighting Technology

Illuminate Your Lives With Smart Lighting Technology

In this era when almost everything is at your fingertips, isn’t it time to stream more light with less sweat and the least energy drain? With modernization, the world’s need for power is increasing by the day. However, it’s equally important to converse energy and rely on sustainable ways to meet your power needs.

Be it your house or workplace, a lighting system that reduces your effort and improves security is the need of the hour. And Bingo! Innovative minds and brilliant companies have been successful in devising unique systems to cater to your everyday lighting needs. A comprehensive understanding of smart lighting technology and its working is sure to strike an ‘electrifying’ chord with our readers.

Illuminate Your Lives With Smart Lighting Technology

What is smart lighting?

Smart lighting refers to new lighting ideas that enable users to make their homes and workspaces energy-efficient. Such lights are connected to other IoT devices ensuring increased comfort and ease. Also, they work to help you by sprucing up the security of a home or business environment.

It is the invention of smart light bulbs that make intelligent lighting a reality. Yes, these bulbs can be controlled remotely. And the best thing is that all you need is your voice to do so. Not just that, these can be connected to an entire range of smart things.

How can it change your life?

While connecting to Google Assistant or Alexa is in, smart light bulbs are easy to install and can work with your existing Wifi router as well. This enables fuss-free lighting so that you can control lights anywhere in your home on the move. For instance, you just get home and want to turn on the television; you don’t need to scout hastily for the TV remote. Simply voice your command to watch the screen come to life.

Lights with quick and easy control make living convenient. Isn’t it nice to tune the brightness of your room according to your mood? You can automatically turn on/off your lights and adjust their brightness according to your preference. From a night light to a standard light in any hue that you want to bask in, smart bulbs can light it up exactly the way you want. So you can control how every corner of your house gleams.

Programmed to respond to your circadian rhythm, bright lights can help you relax and sleep well. Want to know how? Well, most of these smart bulbs come with a default function that enables users to enjoy the gradual transition from bright daylight to dim warm white light.

You can configure these smart light fixtures with your smart assistants so that they can communicate with your chosen devices in the network. From appliances to a plethora of entertainment systems, these lights are compatible with all major systems.

How do smart bulbs work?

Illuminate Your Lives With Smart Lighting Technology

By now, you already know how a smart lighting system can simplify your life. Let’s explore more about its working mechanism.

Depending on the chosen fixture, the smart bulb can either be connected through Wi-fi or networked with other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Some fixtures are built with dual functions. The connectivity feature allows users to switch on and off the lights by using their smart-home routines, voice, or smartphone apps.

What makes smart bulbs the perfect lighting system for everyday use?

Smart light bulbs come with a host of advantages. The best part about its popularity is that it has become a common household feature. This makes it easily accessible and, of course, affordable as well.

Plan to throw a party at home or host a special event? Of all things you can be sure that you won’t need any special arrangements to be made for the lighting. Setting it up just the way your friends or family would like to be welcome is what your smart light bulb can do in no time. Just pick the color-changing Wi-fi bulb, and you can keep switching over to vivid colour schemes to enliven the dance floor through the party!

The initial costs today aren’t high any longer provided you make your purchases a competitive lighting supplier such as The Lightbulb Company. To conserve energy, more and more people are adopting smart technology. This also makes it an affordable option today. Unlike regular traditional bulbs, these may cost relatively higher but are guaranteed to last you longer as smart lighting is integrated in energy efficient LED light bulbs.

Not at home? If you’ve forgotten to switch off the lights, you can simply turn off the bulbs on the go with a single touch on your phone. You can also set schedules for the lights to go on and off while you are on holiday, to give the impression that the house is not empty. Nifty, aren’t they?

Smart bulbs are created with customizable options that make them a viable option in the market. From screw cap to 2 pin twist lock caps, you can get light bulbs for your home or office that work as replacements for all your light bulbs. Its availability in different wattages, colours, and Wi-fi-enabled operation mark its exclusivity.

Among some of the advantages that intelligent lights can offer are:

Lower energy consumption

Our range of Smart bulbs are all LED; this reduces the level of electricity consumption.


A top-rated smart light bulb can work for long hours, offering a better life span than its incandescent counterparts.

Enhanced security

Buying from a reliable source can assure more safety. Most top-rated smart lighting options include motion-detection features. This involves the least manual intervention. It can sense the presence of an individual and switch on automatically. A handy feature, it can be programmed with smartphones and other compatible devices to send alerts in case any unexpected motion is detected. Such bulbs are designed for outdoor as well as indoor usage.

Be it to adjust the light and colour temperature to suit your sleep hours or enjoy the fun settings such as changing tones to alter a room’s mood; smart lighting technology is the way ahead! You can also shop for Wifi-enabled smart plugs and sockets to tailor the lighting to your mood, preference, and security needs.


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