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Revamp Your Garden And Welcome Spring

Revamp Your Garden And Welcome Spring

People are definitely enjoying the change in season and welcoming the next season through the best possible ways they can in the post covid world. In this new normal, what we have all learned is to make the best out of the environment that we are in. That also includes our homes, garden and everything surrounding our house.

As indoors continues to be the safest option we have now, it is important that you keep refreshing your home interiors or home décor to give you the mental boost needed in these difficult times. With Spring starting up, it’s the perfect time to give your garden a makeover. When your garden is one of the spaces you will be spending outdoors besides being inside your house, you can spice it up a bit!

Revamping your garden will need prior planning to have an amazing result. We have come up with a few helpful tips for you that you can put into action and convert your garden into a magical place!

Revamp Your Garden And Welcome Spring

Clean up the area

Consider this a fresh start and let’s start off by tidying up. Your garden has gone through a lot in the past couple of seasons, so gather up your tools and get to work. Just like when you have a cleaner slate, ideas tend to pop up naturally in your head, once you clear up the garden, you can easily picture and plan your garden makeover.

Some of the things you need to ensure while cleaning up your garden space are:

  • Make sure you have the right tools to make the cleaning up faster and efficient and be careful using these tools.
  • Clean up the leaves, residues, and other garbage from the garden ground and pull away all the weeds.
  • Trim your lawn by mowing to get it back to a cleaner, fresher shape.
  • You also need to clean or power wash your walls around the garden and get rid of garden moss or excess weeds or grass sticking out of them.

Check Your Soil

Revamp Your Garden And Welcome Spring

Now before getting all excited and buying multiple plant pots or seeds, make sure you do a thorough check of the soil. You need to make sure the soil is ready to be planted in and ensure it can induce healthy growth for the plants. If not, you need to treat the soil with the necessary soil nutrients and fertilisers to ensure that your plants grow well.

Once your soil is ready, you can choose to plant seeds and get plant pots that are suitable for the type of soil you have. If there are some plants you really want to get but your soil won’t suit them, get hanging flower pots or separate pots with soil from a plant nursery.

Plan A Garden Design

This is another important step that you need to follow to make your dreamy garden. Plan out your garden design and decide if you want hanging pots, a silent sit-out corner, outdoor storage, lighting, and what kind of accessories you want. You might even get round to creating the stone or zen garden you’ve always wanted now that time is on your side.

You can even choose to have a free-flowing patch of wildflowers to give a countryside vibe and aesthetic to your garden, but this should also be carefully done. If you are planning on creating a peaceful sit-out area, make sure you use nude colours and nothing too contrasting to the garden.

After deciding on these, you need to get the necessary accessories, within your budget that will also not harm the environment. While making a beautiful garden, we need to be environmentally responsible too. For example, you can always choose to have solar lights to light up your garden and save energy. This will easily absorb energy from the sun during the day and light up your garden and lives in the evenings.

Lean Towards Organic Fertilisers

We are still leaning towards being environmentally responsible while revamping the garden! Also, you do not want to kill your soil and your plants by using artificial fertilisers. It is always best to use organic manure and fertilisers for your plants which will give them long-lasting nourishment and healthy growth. The most affordable option here is to use your own compost liquid, it’s easy and convenient and contrary to common belief, there’s no smell. By composting your food scraps, you minimise the emission of methane from landfills and you get liquid gold to keep your plants thriving.

You might not immediately see the results with organic fertilisers, but it is definitely worth the wait, while artificial fertilisers might give you fast results but will kill your plants soon too and can be toxic.

Add Some Lights To Do The Magic

Revamp Your Garden And Welcome Spring

Once you have your plant lanes, flower pots, decorations, storage facility, and everything else you’ve thought of, you can spice it all up with some great lighting. Lighting is essential to give your garden a completely different look. Remember transforming your childhood bedroom with just one set of fairy lights?

While choosing lights make sure you choose different shaped bulbs for different areas of the garden. You can choose to have floor lighting, wall light, and even roof hangings with decorative pendants that will illuminate your magical place. The perfect garden lighting will mean the perfect heart-warming experience in your own home.

When it comes to garden lighting The Lightbulb Company offers an assortment of lighting and bulb options. Head over to the site directly to choose from the beautiful spread of options whether you want some pathway lighting or security motion sensor outdoor lighting.

Now do not hesitate to step outside, when you can have a luscious garden to spend a romantic evening or some quality time with people or alone. Not only will you be giving your garden a makeover, but you will be welcoming all the goodness and positivity of the new season in a post-pandemic world. Make the most out of your garden!


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