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The Definitive Guide On Lighting Your Hallway, Stairs, And Landing

The Definitive Guide On Lighting Your Hallway, Stairs, And Landing

There are areas of one’s home that are given a lot of thought when constructing and designing, such as the living room or the bedroom; and then there are areas that are just taken for granted. Your hallway, stairs, and landing area are important parts of your home, and if they are not well lit, your home can look inadequate.

You may be thinking that your hallway and adjacent areas can probably do with a few pendant lights. These are after all areas where you will just be passing through and never really spend time in. But, this is rarely the case.

While pendant lights will provide enough illumination for walking through the hallway, stairs, and landing area, they will end up making the space look smaller and make your home feel less worthwhile. Since people don’t realize this, they invest in fancy lighting and leave the basics incomplete.

So, what are some of the aspects to consider when lighting your hallway, stairs, and landing areas? Let’s take things to step by step.

How To Have a Well-Lit Hall?

As always, pendant lights will come to your rescue when you want to light up any area unilaterally. They also provide various advantages. Pendants come in many sizes and shapes so you can choose the perfect ones to fit your home’s décor.

With evenly spaced pendant lighting you can ensure that every area of your hallway and landing area is well-lit and feels like a major part of your home. But you also don’t want to crowd it with too many pendants.

This is when you can add wall-mounted lights with a few pendants to illuminate the area from all angles. You can opt for LED filaments for your mounts as these bulbs will provide soft and warm illumination.

By combining two types of lights you will also be able to dim the hall area whenever you want by turning off one set of lights.  You can choose to leave only one set on at night, and it will provide enough illumination while not raising the electricity bill. And during a family evening, you can have all the lights on and really light up the area.

A well-lit hall represents a prosperous home. So, don’t make your hallway and adjacent lighting an afterthought, create the perfect combination of pendants and wall mounts.

The Definitive Guide On Lighting Your Hallway, Stairs, And Landing

The Hall With Accent Lights

If you are someone who would prefer to have the hall and stairs lit dimly or play around with shadows and accents, you will definitely need to go beyond basic pendants and wall mounts.

One fun idea is to light the hallway at the floor level, thereby keeping the upper half dim while anything on the floor would be absolutely visible. So, you will be able to make sure that the areas have enough light to be functional, but also look like a decorative part of your home.

Then there are smart lamps. By using these at regular intervals throughout the hall and stairs and right up to the landing, you can set them up for whatever illumination level you require. You can also add a singular downlight in the center of the hallway to give it a more lengthy effect. Smart lamps allow for more personalized lighting styles, so you can play around with them and get the perfect feel you are looking for.

Creating a visually stunning hallway will give your home a regal aura, and will always make it feel more spacious. Make sure to plan the décor of your hallway around your lighting ideas, and not the other way round.

The Safety Factor

The Definitive Guide On Lighting Your Hallway, Stairs, And Landing

If you have kids at home, you might be wondering if having a broadly lit hallway is the best option. But, even then, accidents can happen at night if the hallway and stairs area lights are turned off. By installing battery-operated smart lighting you will be able to ease your worries once and for all.

These lights can sense movement up to 10 feet and will immediately be turned on automatically. So, you will never have to worry about someone taking a tumble down the hall or stairs in the middle of the night.

These lights are also useful when you have a big home where lights are not needed everywhere. By installing these you will not have to think about constantly turning the lights on and off across your entire house.

Summing Up

Your hallway and adjacent areas, just like the rest of your home, need planning in order to look their best. There is so much that can be done in terms of design and types of lights in these areas, and by choosing the right lighting you will feel your home is more complete.

Whether you are looking for a well-lit hallway or a more modern and suave style of lighting, there are plenty of options to choose from. By opting for a combination of different styles you will be able to give each area its unique feel and create that is something truly you.

Use this blog as a guide to creating the perfect home. Let your imagination flow and use the various types of lighting solutions available to you instead of sticking to a singular style.


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