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Watch Your Kid’s Eyes Light Up With These Fun and Child-Friendly Lights!

Watch Your Kid's Eyes Light Up With These Fun, Quirky and Child-Friendly Lights!

Parents, if you are planning how to light a room for your child, you are obviously putting a lot of thought into it. We all know how precious kid’s eyes can be, and without the right kind of light, the kid’s eyes can be uncomfortable.

But, we at The Lightbulb Company believe in taking it a step further. This is why we have grouped together a range of lights that are not only safe for your kid’s eyes, but also personalised, smart, and fit the needs of various forms of lighting. Children don’t simply need a light for the evening and a night light. They deserve lights that truly become a part of their daily lives!

Watch Your Kid's Eyes Light Up With These Fun, Quirky and Child-Friendly Lights!

Have a look at this range of kid’s room lights and you will surely find some amazing options that will light up your child’s room with the happiest of glows and safe for your kid’s eyes!

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Watch Your Kid's Eyes Light Up With These Fun, Quirky and Child-Friendly Lights!

Enjoy a fun spin on the typical LED filament bulbs with dimmable (perfect to adjust light near bedtime) heart shaped LED filament light bulbs. By using a dimmer, you can adjust the bedroom light as evening approaches, this is important to ensure lower light levels and make the transition to sleep smoother.

What’s even better is that these lights consume only 4 watts, so you’ll be saving a ton of power! The ambient colour of the light is soft, comfortable, and provides a great evening experience for your child.

LED Battery Night Lights

Say goodbye to boring night lights for good! We have the perfect companion light to help your little one fall asleep with a smile on their face. Project a starry night onto the ceiling, set it to change colour, or even have your nightlight sing a lullaby!

Pick between an elephant, ladybug or dinosaur depending on what will best capture their imagination. Additional functions include a touch sensor and auto-turn off options. These lights are battery-powered so you can position them anywhere in the room and light up your child’s room at night like never before.

Baby Tyrannosaurus Battery Night Light


The Dusk To Dawn Light

This one’s what we call our one light fits all solution. It can be plugged into any typical 3-pin plug, and will fill the room with a gentle white light. The best thing about this product is that it’s a smart light thanks to it’s dusk to dawn sensor, it will automatically switch on as it gets dark and switch back off when there’s daylight.

0.5watt LED Standard 3pin Plug-in Night Light Auto Dusk To Dawn Sensor


Technically, it is a nightlight but it can be perfectly used in hallways, a nursery or will fit perfectly into your kid’s room as a soft evening light. It is also a great low-energy option and by positioning this in a hallway, we think it’s ideal to help your little one on their late night trip to the bathroom.

The Sticker Light

Which kid doesn’t like bright stickers? Even better, it’s combined with a light! Parents everywhere love this personalised addition to their kid’s room. Have a warm yellow smiling sun on the wall with a whole family of cute sticker; your child will be having more fun than ever!

Enjoy a battery-operated 3D LED light, but now with the added fun factor! We have added the technology to wall decals, and it can be used as the perfect quirky night light for your kid’s bedroom.

Colourful Filament LED Light

This one’s a twist on a classic, you can typically find LED filaments in commercial venues such as bars and hotels, but we think that these colourful versions are perfectly suited to fit your kid’s room.

They are unique, trendy, fun and will provide a great colourful glow to the room. They are also environmentally friendly, using only 4 watts of energy. They come in yellow, green, blue, red, and pink variants!

Battery-Powered LED Strips

Forget wiring and switches, your child’s room deserves the future! Each of these strips has 8 LEDs fitted into them and is powered by motion sensors. So, as soon as your child leaves their bed at night the light will come on for about 20 seconds illuminating the room with a soft glow.

This futuristic piece of lighting ensures that your child will never grow up being scared of the dark. Not only is it ingenious, but it’s the perfect night companion for every child.

This light is also perfect to place inside large cupboards and wardrobes, and comes with an adhesive backing making it incredibly easy to use.

You need to make sure that your child’s room is truly special, and lighting is a huge part of it! So, pick up these options to light their rooms throughout the day in various warm, soft, and personalised glows.

The added smart factor and environmentally friendly aspects also make these lights some of the best options you will find anywhere. So, make sure you and your children both embrace the future as it is right here!


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