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Why Pendant Lights Are The Coolest Home Accessory And Creative Ways To Use Them!

Pendant Lights Are The Coolest Home Accessory

Home lighting has indeed come a long way! From the binary days of tube lights and lightbulbs, we now have infinite possibilities of decorating our homes with lighting that truly reflects who we are. And one trend that has been at the forefront of modern home designing is pendant lights!

The pendant shape is not exactly something new. It has existed throughout Europe and the Middle East for a long time. However, with the development of minimalistic décor and a penchant for the rustic look, this particular lighting style is making a strong comeback.

But, why do people love them so much? Let’s take a quick look.

Lots Of Design Ideas

Pendant lights are small and require minimal energy to run. So, these lights can be placed anywhere and in any decorative style, you want. You can have a simple minimalistic lampshade or even a standout wall hanging, and a pendant light will fit right into both these types of lighting ideas. You can also hang one from a hook in your ceiling and it will still give you an amazing rustic ambiance!


Pendant lights are mostly used as center-spot lighting, and these will never push up your electricity expenditure. All modern lightbulbs, including the pendant lights available on our website, are all eco-friendly products, and also budget-friendly.

Soft, Warm Glow

Pendant lights are not strong and do not have harsh lights. They are rather a moodsetter, so they give off a soft glow which is perfect for illuminating objects or specific corners of your home. They will fit into any spot or socket and provide you with unique decoration possibilities. While you may have seen the use of pendant lights in outdoor cafes, they also have a strong presence in the homes of modern homemakers.

5 Creative Ideas For Using Pendant Lights

As stated before, pendant lights can be used in a myriad of ways. So, here are some ideas that you can develop to suit your own requirements:

1. Ceiling Fixtures

Pendant Lights Are The Coolest Home Accessory

The most common style of pendant lighting is with the help of ceiling fixtures. The fixtures can be of any shape you want and you can also have multiple of them in a row to increase the illumination. There are a number of colors and styles of ceiling fixtures that you can choose depending on the space.

Modern Antique Brass Ceiling Pendant Light With Black Twisted Flex And ES E27 Lampholder

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Another great aspect of this style of pendant lighting is that it is quite minimalistic but still eye-catching. This is the perfect idea for lighting up a living room corner, dinner table, or bar counter. One of the great perks of these is that you can really put your light bulb in full view here so it allows for some really special combinations.

2. Cable Lighting

Pendant Lights Are The Coolest Home Accessory

A lot of people like pendant lights because of how inconspicuous they can be. With the help of electric cables, you can hang these lights from any hook and it will give your home a great sense. You can hang them atop a furniture piece or on your mantle, and it will be the perfect vintage ambiance builder.

The cables can also serve as a part of the imagery. You can choose from rustic styles of cables or even chrome finishes. This increases your chances of styling these lights even more, and you can personalize them to meet your exact needs.

Decorative lighting cable is a real game changer and there’s a wide choice of colours, fabrics and finishes to choose from.

Twisted Retro Style Flex Fabric Cable – Red – 1 metre – 3 Core 0.75mm

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3. Dome Fixtures

Pendant Lights Are The Coolest Home Accessory

This is another common style of pendant lighting. Metal domes are a perfect addition to any study or for lighting any small area. Domes also give a roundish look to a home as opposed to the angular look of usual furniture, thereby bringing a sense of balance. These domes are available in multiple styles and shapes, so you get to have the look that you exactly need.

Dome fixtures require very little time and skill to install, and you can do it yourself with some basic power tools. If you want your home to stand out definitely have a few dome fixtures around the house with pendant lights.

Dome Shaped Vintage Metal Lampshade – Pastel Blue

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Dome Shaped Vintage Metal Lampshade – Yellow

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4. Hanging Boxes

Pendant Lights Are The Coolest Home Accessory

If you really like the angular aspect of home décor, then you will love this idea. This is basically the same as having a dome fixture, but instead of an opaque dome, you have a see-through box. This brings immediate attention to the light and not just the illuminated area!

Sure, this is not the easiest décor style to pull off, but it is indeed an amazing way to liven up an otherwise boring area of your home. There are various types of hanging boxes that can go with your pendant light, and you can even try DIY styles.

5. Mesh Spheres

Commonly a style of bedroom lighting, in this case, you will hang a mesh ball from your ceiling and place the pendant light inside it. This form of lighting gives the minimum amount of illumination, but at the same time, it is the prettiest to look at!

Perhaps that is why it is used commonly to light up bedrooms with a dim glow. You can hang 3-4 such lights in your bedroom and they will give a soft illumination to the entire room.

Pendant lighting is a unique style and it has endless possibilities. While these 5 styles can be used directly, what you really need to do is find out what suits you the best. You can always try the DIY way as well!

Be sure to check our website for more pendant lighting styles that you can use!


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