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The Multiple Uses Of The Modern Electric Light – Why It Is A Groundbreaking Invention?

The Multiple Uses Of The Modern Electric Light

Artificial light is one of the pillars of modernity. Yet, it is something we take for granted every moment. The truth is that artificial light has existed for so long that we have near forgotten what it was like before the modern electric light bulb was invented.

There was indeed a time when human activities could only be conducted during the hours of the day; when nighttime meant danger due to darkness, and the absence of the sun would stop all major activities. But, all these problems were swooped away by a single invention, the modern electric light!

Every aspect of our modern existence, from our homes to professional spaces, relaxation to concentration, is tied invariably with the usage of modern electric light. And more importantly, the invention of the light bulb opened the doors to a whole new world of innovations that used electricity to generate light.

Artificial light is nothing short of a miracle!

Let’s take a look at some of the uses of artificial light that we would otherwise not consider!

Personalized Ambience

The Multiple Uses Of The Modern Electric Light

Be it a dining area or a café, the light always sets the mood of the area. The wide range of modern lights available allows us to personalize our spaces and create an ambiance that reflects our essence. Somebody who is a go-getter is more likely to have well-lit rooms whereas someone who dwells on more philosophical aspects is likely to have dimmer lights.

4watt G95 Globe LED ES E27 Screw Cap Very Warm Gold Finish Dimmable


5watt Crown Copper Filament Golfball LED ES E27 Screw Cap Very Warm White Equivalent To 50watt Dimmable


4watt GLS LED ES E27 Screw Cap Warm Dimmable


Our lights not only define who we are, but they also help shape our thoughts and persona. This is why one must put in serious thought before deciding on the lighting arrangement of their home.

Child Care

Did you know that the artificial light that children are exposed to can help shape their habits? If you install lights that are soothing and give a gentle warm glow then a child is more likely to feel relaxed and develop better concentration. It will also help them fall asleep when evening sets in. You also get specific lights for children that change warmth depending on the time of the day, and you can also get automated night-lamps!

0.5watt LED Standard 3pin Plug-in Night Light Auto Dusk To Dawn Sensor


Every parent is ready to go to the ends of the earth in order to do the best for their children. Well, you can start by researching the types of lights available for your kid’s room!

Medical Usage

From USG to x-ray, many forms of medical tests are done by passing various electrical lights through your body. It uses the same technology as an electric light but with tweaks to produce light at a different frequencies. This usage of light has allowed the medical industry to move ahead in leaps and bounds and it has saved countless lives.

Even now innovations are being carried out to use even more frequencies of modern electric light in medical procedures. As long as the human race survives, the usage of light in various frequencies will be one of the primary means of carrying out medical tests.

Conveying Messages

The Multiple Uses Of The Modern Electric Light

Lights do a lot more than we think! Whenever someone sees a red light it denotes certain things, and when we see a green light it means a different set of things. Similarly, various other colors of light send out messages without us even having to think about it. That’s how ingrained light is in our lives!

4watt GLS LED BC B22 Bayonet Cap Red


4watt GLS LED BC B22 Bayonet Cap Green


It also allows for inclusion and accessibility. A person with hearing difficulty can be conveyed messages with the help of lights. A light in the distance lets you know that people are nearby. In many other similar situations, a light can be used as a guiding beacon or to warn someone about danger.

Saving The Environment

The Multiple Uses Of The Modern Electric Light

The electric bulb allows us to cut down on resource expenditure and therefore it makes the earth a better planet to live in! Can you imagine a world where gasoline would be the only way to keep lights burning?

New forms of light such as the CFL and LED are even better since they use the least amount of energy possible to create a strong warm light. Using the right type of light that helps protect the environment is absolutely necessary, and it cuts down on your electricity expenditure!


The majority of us spend very little time thinking about the importance of the artificial light that surrounds us or the effect it has. Soft, warm, inviting lights can soothe and relax us, whereas cool, crisp lights can energize and invigorate us. Using incorrect lighting can have a very negative effect as well! Imagine going for a romantic dinner with bright, white, dazzling lights imposing on what should be a calm, cozy, and intimate atmosphere.

Lighting is used in retail and hospitality to entice consumers and enhance their experience as well as to showcase and promote their products, lighting within your household is just as important and with simple changes, you can create an environment to suit your every need and that makes your house a home. In short, electric light is an inseparable part of our lives, and it’s time we start paying more attention to the lights we choose!

Here at The Lightbulb Company, we make choosing the right lightbulb easy as our expert and experienced teams are always ready to assist you, whatever your requirement may be!


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