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The Latest UK Halogen Ban, And What It Means For The Light Bulb Company

The Latest UK Halogen Ban

Halogens have been under fire from the UK government since 2018. But, it is with the recent state-wide ban that Halogens will be completely disappearing from the face of the UK!

But, does this mean no one can ever have the warm glow of a halogen lamp brighten up their room? No! There are still means of securing low-energy and eco-friendly halogen lamps, and we at The Light Bulb are here to tell you all about it!

The Latest UK Halogen Ban

What You Need To Know About The UK Halogen Ban

In June of 2021, the UK government announced that from September of this year a number of light bulbs will no longer be available in the market for the UK population. This move was carried out as part of a better green energy plan for the UK and cut down overall emission rates in the country. The specific bulbs that have been banned include the likes of the Halogen R7 bulbs, Halogen spotlights (12V), Compact Fluorescent Helix bulbs and Halogen Capsules (G9/12V).

But, there’s more to it than meets the eye. The government order specifies that these bulbs and other halogen bulbs “cannot be placed in the market”. This signifies that no further Halogen bulb products can be shipped to the UK after the specified timeline. At the same time, halogen lightbulbs that are already stocked in the warehouses across the UK are considered as ‘already placed in the market’.

So, if a light bulb company in the UK already has Halogen bulbs in stock, they can continue selling them to the public even after the September deadline. This is where The Light Bulb Company comes in!

How To Buy Halogen Bulbs From The Light Bulb Company?

The Latest UK Halogen Ban

Our UK webstore still has an amazing range of halogen bulbs available for you to grab right now! And if you are wondering, yes, it’s completely legal and safe to purchase Halogen bulbs in the UK regardless of the ban that has been placed.

But, there is sense to this ban. Ordinary Halogen bulbs consume much more power than your regular LEDs, and the illumination scale is also lower. However, the light produced by Halogen bulbs is quite unique, making it a consumer favorite. This is why we have our eco-friendly range of Halogen bulbs that ensures the best of both worlds!

Whether you are looking for GLS bulbs, capsules, spots, globes, or any other halogen bulbs; head to our webstore right away! Each of our bulbs is energy efficient, easy to fix, and also comes with various bases and shapes as per your requirements.

Do keep in mind that these bulbs will only be sold until the stocks last!

Want To Make The Switch?

The Latest UK Halogen Ban

While a part of the population still chooses to prefer Halogen bulbs, the majority is making the shift to other options, namely LED.

LED bulbs are the best way to light up your home as they are the most energy-efficient and produce soft warm light that is soothing for your eyes. And whether you are looking for candle shapes, fluorescent options, smart bulbs, or regular golfballs – The Lightbulb Company has it all!

We are one of the biggest sellers of state-of-the-art LED bulbs in the UK, and you can always visit our webstore to get great deals!

More Facts About The UK Halogen Ban

  • Not all Halogen bulbs will be banned from this moment onwards. There are quite a few that do not fall under the September ban timeline. Shops that have such bulbs in stock will continue selling them in the market.
  • Similarly, not all fluorescent lights are being banned. The expected ban on fluorescent light bulbs is specifically for the T8 variant, and this is scheduled for 2023.
  • Halogen bulbs will continue to be sold in the UK market even after September 1st, but once stocks run out they will no longer be available.
  • There is no blanket ban on lighting fixtures. The government is proposing a modern form of lighting fixtures that will help save energy as well as make the process of repair easier. However, this is not a must, and homeowners in the UK don’t need to worry about replacing all of their light fixtures.
  • Lighting fixtures aka luminaires will still continue to be sold in the UK market and there is no expected ban on these products. However, the government regulation urges people to move away from Halogen fixtures.

Summing Up

The UK Halogen Ban will be coming into effect this September, and within one month from then no new Halogen bulbs of specified variants will be allowed to be shipped into the UK. But, outlets that already have a stock of these bulbs will be able to sell them until stocks last even after the September ban comes into place.

We at The Lightbulb Company have a large stock of halogen lightbulbs and you can grab them at great rates from our webstore. We have always been one of the most trusted sources of lighting solutions in the UK, on our webstore you will find a wide range of halogens, LEDs, smart bulbs, and more!

Do keep in mind that our Halogen products will only be available until stock lasts!


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